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About Tenex


Tenex products represent a strikingly different and refreshing approach to business. A whole new generation of product... classics, standards by which all other products will be measured.

At Tenex it isn't enough to think big. Innovation is practiced within the boundaries of good sense... simply, products must look better... work better... and bring real benefits to the consumer and customer... benefits that extend beyond the bottom line.

By putting our collective imagination to work we are reshaping product categories...

One idea at a time.

At Tenex we ask "Why predict the future of a product category when we can create it?" We are proud to share our history with you...

Started in 1963 our first patent issued in 1965 for a "continuous method of forming car mats". This breakthrough led to the introduction of gripper back chairmats and we've led the way with product innovations ever since.

The Red Dot Design Award for design excellence in Germany, the bronze award for design in BusinessWeek, multiple appearances in the Graphis Annuals and a permanent display in the prestigious Chicago Athenaeum recognize Tenex excellence.

At Tenex we put the environment first by utilizing high quality recycled materials. This material is destined for landfill. By acquiring this material we are able to reduce our environmental footprint.

The result...

Tenex products contain up to 100% post-industrial recycled material. When you partner with Tenex you reduce your environmental footprint.

Eco Story
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